Colorado is on FIRE!

Colorado is experiencing some pretty serious forest fires right now. Like everyone else, we didn’t get much snow, less rain, and are extremely dry this year. Just tonight another fire was started by lightning. I’m not sure if this has made national news, but there are several large fires, and the second largest area of the state is under mandatory evacuation.

32,000 people are under mandatory evacuation on the north west side of Colorado Springs. Type Colorado Springs, CO into google maps to get an idea of how large the area is, then look at this mandatory evacuation map.

This is what it looks like driving south bound on I-25 through the middle of the state. That is the Air Force Academy at the bottom of the picture.

Getting into suburban neighborhoods

All these images are just in the Colorado Springs area. The High Park fire north in Fort Collins has also destroyed a record number of homes in record time, and just two weeks ago fire officials were talking about it taking until October to get contained.

On top of all of this, there is a suspected arson, and rumors of at least 20 fires having been started intentionally (most have been put out). Last fall there was an article about AQ encouraging members to start forest fires in America this summer, but no one is talking about that now. It does make one wonder though.

Just about every day for the last 3 weeks there is news of a new fire in some part of the state. Living in the Denver metro area, we can usually see heavy smoke from a new direction every day after work. New Mexico is also having a record year for fires and I believe Utah is getting hit hard as well. ALL of Colorado is under an all out fire ban, most of the forest is under a shooting ban, and lots of Wyoming is under a fire ban as well. Scary times right now.

Holy Hell! My thoughts and prayers are with those being affected by this right now. I’ve seen some forest fires in my day, but nothing to this extent. Those pictures of the mountain sides on fire are absolutely stunning. Hard to imagine that all the homes in the first few pictures, and especially the last one, will be nothing more than ash in the next few days :frowning:

A lot of loss in these pics. Stay safe, guys.

At least one was definitely arson. Stay safe.

Freakin crazy down here. My teg is right at the evac line, worried about the owner of the house may be moving him. Very sad to see the nearly 50k evacs with nowhere to go. My friend Brian opened his shop to any and all in need of bathroom shower or a place to rest. Its on Dublin and Vincent and packed as shit. My thoughts go out to all those displaced. Best wishes.

anyone else notice that there’s a car still in front of a house in the last picture? If I have to leave, I’m taking my car with me.

possible they had more cars than drivers? i have a daily and the z, plus my better half’s car.

Dang, this is crazy. I remember touring the Air Force Academy as a kid and was amazed by the scenery. Hope they can get this contained.

That’s scary. As others have said, stay safe.

This was Saturday when the fire was only a few hundred acres.

Monday night it briefly topped a ridge.

Tuesday evening after the winds blew it over the ridge and right into town.

Bit of Comedy

Video of some people not quite taking the hint that it is time to evacuate.

Even though these are all pictures of the Waldo fire in Colorado Springs, which is currently the most scary, there is also another quickly growing fire in Boulder. The earlier mentioned High Park fire even more north (also west of I-25), is apparently the second largest wildfire in the history of the state.

That is some crazy stuff going on.

Stay safe dude.

goodnight sweet cadets.

Good luck Stu

Thank guys, but the well wishes should be more towards dudes like Deceptakhan who live in the area. I only experienced some mild smoke on occasion.

It is actually raining right now, and has been since about 4 pm. It has rained today more than it has in probably the last 5 months. It is supposed to keep it up for most of the weekend. This state really needs all the moisture it can get.

Someone should make it mandatory for all CO wimminz to see Magic Mike and read 50 Shades. That’d moisten up the state considerably.