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i preface this saying, sorry my punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure suck. i apologize in advance, and encourage you to stay the course and read it all. I am looking for a 90-93 integra right now, show me what you got!

Hey sup bud, just signed back up on g2ic becuz im thinking about getting a gen 2 integral again. I had owned 2 of them, several years ago but been out of them for about 4 or 5 years. Started with a 91 ls I swapped to b16a (awesome) and then bought a really nice milano red gsr that had a nice body kit on it, nothing to goudy!

I wasn’t smart about modding it carefully and ended up with a non running car I was mad at myself for making non driveable. (Fail!) ended up selling it back to the prev owner mad cheap only missing an engine, right b4 I was about to move from manassas va, to columbus ohio!

One of my neighbors and a couple of his friends have a few 90 to 93 integras. I miss em and now a back seat would be useful, So im back! And im looking for one now. Kinda tired of 91 to 95 mr2’s.

Any who im in the columbus ohio region. Sorry for the long read!
Thanks Toby
P.s. I think my old account was trent epic or ixtlann possibly, though the email address it was registered to is not accessible to me any longer.

40 views and no replys, lame! :stuck_out_tongue:

should i post pics of my old g2 stuff to make this thread more inteesting lol or my mr2 stuff? is that aloud?

good ole days

Wow I like your old g2. Lowered with the lip and side skirts looks perfect! I’m up in the Akron area, maybe if we get a meet together sometime I’ll see you.

I want to see the mr2 lol

Only like them if they’re white… and modded right x_X

Ick…my ex had a white 91 MR2 non turbo. It was no faster than my old 91 DA. I didn’t think it was that special.

non turbo mr2s are dogs thats why lol even stock turbo isnt very fast imo

[QUOTE=hayate;2086810]I want to see the mr2 lol

Only like them if they’re white… and modded right x_X[/QUOTE]

i think i have a couple pics if my old one you will love then more to come



that is a hawt mr2 :slight_smile:

this is last pic like 2 days or 1 day b4 i totalled it tryuing to be johnny bad ass on some s turns, i effed up! sad really

bump tell me where to look for my next 90-93 teg, what kinda prices to look for, i can work on a car but i dont want somehting so bad i cant drive it at all, 5spd a must

try cl,

just something to look at:

[QUOTE=hayate;2087744]try cl,

just something to look at:[/QUOTE]

nice car, no price though, says make offers lol we all know what that means. no good deals, but will sell for appx 2x what he has in the car lol