come on md

sweet ill def come out

hey 91acuraGs my phone is 410-925-1176 im not sure if ill make it up to pepboys this weekend hit you up on here ill definetly be going up the big honda meet in glen burnie.

yea it suppose to rain to night what color ur teg is?

it black the only bad part is the clear is coming of on the hood roof and trunk from the sun beatin on it all those years.

yea that what happened to mine

ill be there too i usually come out there but i dont show up till late cause of work so everyone try to hang out till after 4

i think i should be there that long cause i got another car meet at 8 830 in whitemarsh

I was gonna go up to the whitemarsh meet one day with my 8th civic guys, but 8,9,10 o’clock is way too late for me! come out this weekend everyone!

91acuraGs was your car sitting in front of a garage on belair road called car mikes.

NO its at my house both of them aare my house do u travel rt 7 alot cuz i passed someone with a black one with yellow fogs and waved to me iono but u still on for sunday in glen burnie?

and my name is lee is every1 on for sunday still

my name is nick and im most definetly down for it when is every body goin.

i think imma head down around 2 230 if u wanna meet up before that?u can text me my cell is 443 468 8416 i text alot so text is better

yea guys it’s still on, see yall at 3! I need some g2 out there with me!

91acuraGs nice meeting you, had a fun day out!

yea it was nice to meet u guys i gotta come out more often

next meet is august 9th, we need more 2nd gen.'s, come on guys, where ya at?

yea nick that means u too lol…

come on guys its like we dropped off the map i cant have this lol

yea the maryland scene has fallen off big time, lot of the old crew has moved on and has grown up.I will never leave the scene, im gonna be 80 still driving my boosted gsr!