Complaint: Goodridge SS brake lines

EDIT: I took some pics of the bolts…look the one thats NOT BROKEN IN HALF is starting to bend around on itself, you can see it twisting if you look at the hole in the top of the bolt, that should be perfectly circle, but all bent…

I wanted to let all my fellow teg buddies know…

So i bought these and installed them, first of all I hope you know how to get the damn clips off where the hardline connects to the softline cuz the “install customer service” sucks, i couldnt get the clip off, but in the end it was all just as easy and pullin on it.

But my complaint is because when i was using the banjo bolts that they suplyed me, i was tourqing them down…on the package it says a max of 24 ft/lbs, my manual says to take them to 25…so i set it at 22-23.

The first one seemed to touque down fine, but the second one just kept spinning, IT BROKE the thing snapped in half at the hole in it, luckily i got the bottom peice out of the caliper with some plyers. And then when i took the one i just touqued down out, the hole was bent, it was on the verdge of snapping.

So i had to dig though the garbage and find my factory banjo bolts, which were much heavery, and the threads on the thing were much longer then the ones goodridge gave me…So dont use the banjo bolts that they give you, just a warning.


never heard of bad things about the goodridge lines…thanks for lettin us know though

I had the same problem with the bolts on my first set. I just used the OEM ones after that.

So im not the only one, well wtf cant these guys make decent bolts, i mean the things werhnt even close to asl long as the stock ones, the OEM ones were probably a half inch longer…i mean come on…

yeah after i broke one goodridge banjo bolt at 24 ft. lbs, i figured the OEMs were way better in quality. the bolts that came with the lines look so thin and cheap - imagine screwing in one of their bolts really tight then hard braking…better yet to spend that cash on a cardboard casket.

sorry for being stupid. But what is the banjo bolt. I just installed the goodridge ss lines about a month ago. Every went smooth, except for the “U” clips where the line mounts to the body, the Goodridge “U” clip started spinning, so we reused the oem one and it went perfectly.

THose U clips were a bitch,

The banjo bolt is the bolt you used to connect your SS line to the brake caliper, using the washers that they provided you with. There bolts suck, if you can i would replace them with the OEM banjo bolts.

Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but I attempted the install yesterday. The banjo bolt that connects to the caliper starting dripping fluid even after I applied the new banjo bolt and copper washers. After messing around with the copper washers and torque of the bolt, it stopped(my fluid was below min but refilled it halfway). After that it has not leaked yet. I’m guessing you have to torque it between 20-23 lbs pds slowly. I used a craftsman in lbs torque wrench. Also, the orientation of the washers seem to matter to I’m guessing. Fitment is great ,but that leak was frustrating.