Compression #'s for my 90. 135k miles

I did a compression test today on my 1990 Integra, with 135k miles.

Cylinder 1 - 210
Cylinder 2 - 205
Cylinder 3 - 205
Cylinder 4 - 210

Aren’t these a little TOO high?

No, they are not too high. Although the stock compression is less than that out of the factory you must keep in mind that the compression will go up when there is less room in the cylinder chamber. Carbon buildup on the pistons and valves will cause that. Weirder things have happened.


How would I clean that out?

Midas does some machine where they pump engine cleaner through the engine for like an hour. It costs like $180 though.

Is there a cheaper way?

Yeah, you can do a top end clean. I dont remember the name of the product, but it doesnt cost much and anyone can do it.
What you do is make sure your car is a normal operating temperature and then pull your plugs out and put 1/4 of a bottle in each cylinder for at least 8 hours and then crank the engine over without putting the plugs back in. That will cause the engine to ‘spit’ out the cleaner and whatever it breaks up. The rest will burn up after you put your plugs back in and drive around.

That will also help loosen up any frozen rings that you may have.


BR, have you tried that product? I think I might need to do that for my #4 cylinder. 220 psi is kinda high don’t u think?