Compression test result(worth saving??)

ok so i bought a 1991 integra ls 4 door…had (193k) but at 183k had the timing belt, water pump, pan and valve cover gaskets and all the accesory belts replaced(all on paper)… i bought it not running… it would crank but i knew for sure there was no compression…so i was thinking new engine… so i tear the engine down and checked the timing belt…and found out that tha cams are not lined up… so i lined it up and it ran for 20 mins…then klunk klunk klunk stopped… i started scratching my head… then i lined everything back up and did a compression test… results were 160, 165, 165, 165 so i inspected the water pump and distributor (after i tore down and reassemble the whole front end of the engine three times, coz it kept jumping)… then i finally found out that there was resistance in the intake camshaft… the first two caps from the camgear has no lubrication and i can see some shaved metal parts… whats the next step??? check if the oil pump is workin and how do i check for clogged oil lines??? anyone have this happen before?? it worth saving the engine??? thanks

seems like your mechanically inclined, it might be best to just move on, if the metal looks scarred in the place where it has been shaved, it might just be more problems later.

best bet is either to get a new block, and pre-check if all the parts are in good condition. i recommend attarco in berkeley, cheap motors, 500 bucks plus core for a long block.

Yeah i had Attarco in mind believe me… but arent the numbers good for 193k engine??? plus i already found a used head for 50 bucks no cams though but everything else is there…what do you think???

Oh and one more thing… i think i did the compression test wrong…i may get higher numbers when the engine is warm?? and it might not be getting oil too and also i didnt pull the injector fuse…(im gonna go to hell)

my numbers for 197k [LS] were a bit better [varied from 170-180] , but #3 was at 210! hahaha carbon build up. its a good thing yours is pretty consistent. but yes, do the comp test when the car is warm, you should get 20+ more psi across the board, and you should be good. good luck buddy, btw, we’re trying to get a SF meet together, im at SFSU right now.

meet??? for gen2 teg’s??? thats cool…what do you guys do in your meets??