Condenser Motor replacement?

I thought I would be a nice guy and get my wife’s AC recharged in her 95 Accord before she came back from Poland on Tuesday. The place where I took it, told me they couldn’t recharge it because the condenser motor was dead. They said it would be $350 big ones for parts and labor. I said no way!The AC is not that bad, its just on those 90+ days with high humidity in stop and go traffic that you notice its not quite up to snuff. I found a replacement motor for $67 on (Brand name Himitzu). Most other brands were at least $167+. Seems like an easy swap. The local Honda dealer wanted $220 for the part alone. What’s wrong with these people? Is it as easy looking as I think it will be?

vacuuming the system and then putting old school r12 refrigerant is expensive (if thats what the car uses i dont remember what year they swtiched to r 134)…im sure thats where most of the cost comes from. my experience with a/c (this was on my civic) is find a place that will give you a warranty on the work, and if they are a little more expensive so be it, b/c you dont want to have to keep paying for having the whole thing vacuumed just to replace one part. I literally had 8 different compressors put on my civic, i payed alot of money, but everytime the compressor went out they put a brand new one on and then vacuumed and refilled the system, im sure i would have been in the hole a few grand if i had been trying to do all that myself.

She has R134 in her car. Funny thing is when I got the car home today and checked the fan (4 bladed one) it was running just fine. I would assume if the fan motor was shot the fan would not be working. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it could have been not working when they checked it. I find it hard to believe they would try to charge me for work that didn’t need to be done! It also looks like it would take all of 15 minutes to replace it if I had too.