Congratulations to our fearless leader (NFULFX) and Karen

Neil and Karen are now proud parents!

Welcome little Valerie to the G2iC family!

Congrats to both of you.

Congrats Neil

Enjoy fatherhood my friend!


do they make Gen2 PowerWheels?


congrats homie!


Aloha! CONGRATS from “da rock”! First one?

Well I’ll be a bare-assed monkey’s uncle. Way to go!!

Congrats !! I hope to see little Valerie with some g2 in her blood ! :up:

Niice! Congrats!


Congrats brother, hope she got her momas looks and not yours lmao. :stuck_out_tongue:

She looks like a Karen clone!


Congrats. Thats awesome. I just had my first boy.

wut!? awesome, Neil!


Good job on a baby.

congrats bossman!

congradumalations Neil!!!