Considering 92 LS - opinions on Cam

I’ll say right off, I’m not too experianced with Japanese cars. I have in the past been very dedicated to A1 VW’s (early Rabbit GTI’s), Corvettes and Camaros.
The time has come for me to own a car that can be driven every day and behave in traffic ect.
Enter the 92 Integra LS…
The can I am looking at has all the basic bolt on’s (Cam gears, headers, intake ect). It also has a set of Crower 64203 cams on it. I don’t know a huge amount about these cams, but I’m worried about smog and driveability.
I would love some opinions from experianced owners.

Do a search, I’ve given plenty of reviews of these cams. If the search yields nothing, either respond and tell me the search didn’t work or get me on AIM. HTH.