constant noise in my sub

Ever since i installed my sound system i’ve had noise problems. Every thing sends noise to my sub; when i turn on my lights when i turn on the heater fan, when i turn on my ignition, and i can even hear the cd turning inside my head unit. I have my power line running one side of the car connected to the battery and the signal line running the other side connected behind my deck. I tried putting a 100uF capacitor in parallel to the positive and the negative of the power going TO THE DECK, not the amp, and i also tried using a ground loop isolator connected in series with my RCA cables to prevent any DC goin at the amp. Neither of them work. Buy placing the ground loop isolator, the amp doesn’t even work. I checked all my ground connection points and made sure all connections were clean and tight. I have absolutly no more idea what could cause this problem.

Is this a common problem for Integra’s? Is there any one that allredy had this problem before? Am i just not using a big enough capacitor at the power going to my deck? If the deck is the problem, you would think that the alternator and the wiper’s wouldn’t have any effect. So anybody know what could be my problem?

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Try and disconnect your RCA’s behind your deck. When your deck is on (your amp should be on as well), do you still get the noises? If not, then try reconnecting the RCA’s and disconnect them at the amp. Again listen for noises. Let us know what happens in every step. This will tell us where the noise is coming from.

What size power and ground wire are you using? How long is your ground wire? Try attatching the ground in a different location.

Have you messed with your dash in any way? There are metal supports that attatch down behind your console, and go across to the kick pannel area. This is where most of your electronics ground to. If you have messed with it, it might have created a problem. I know one guy who re-built his dash in his Teg and had problems with things not working.

Also, what brand head unit and amplifier are you using?

i had some noise in my componets in the front. i got a better amp with a good filter and it took it out.