controlling alarm auto door lock with switch?

my car came with power windows but not power door lock. when i had the alarm installed i had the auto door locking feature added so that when i arm the alarm it would lock the doors and vise versa. also it will lock the doors when when i start the car with all the doors closed and remain locked til i manually unlock them or by turning off the engine. what i was wondering is there a way i can add a switch into the circuit so that i can unlock the doors from inside with the switch but still retain the locking and unlocking feature of the alarm? this would be very conveinient when the car is started and the doors lock but someone still needs to get in from the passenger side, such as starting the car while waiting for someone or when you’re picking up somebody but dont want to turn off the engine. i could just press the switch to unlock the door instead of having to reach over and manually unlock it.

You can wire a switch into the door lock relays. If the relays are outside of the alarm this is very easy. If they are inside, you will have to run two wires into the alarm brain and solder onto the board.