Converting b20 OBD2 to OBD0

i have 90 ls and want to go b20 can i just swap all sensors and harnes on the two and put it in? Thnak guys

basically… use the block, and head from the CRV motor. everything else u swap over from the 90ls to the b20. (intake manifold , TB, headers, sensor, injectors, harness…etc. ) have u done a search BTW?


yes i’ve done a search so what sensors all or just some.what about the distributor. that too.

the only thing you are using from the b20 is the block and head. use your 90 LS distributor, and all sensors that come from your 90 LS motor, intake manifold, injectors, and wiring harness, ecu. that simple.


thanks guys your very helpful most boards dont even bother.