converting hydraulic to cable?

whats up guys just got a few questions for ya that might sound lame but oh well. I have a 91 integra lss and im putting the b18c1 engine in her around june. Ofcourse that engine comes with the hydraulic tranny and obviously owning a 91 integra i either have to get another cable tranny or convert it to cable. What would be cheaper, buying a new tranny or converting it to cable? I would think converting it would be but anyway if thats the case how much will it cost to get a conversion kit if they make one or how much just in general will it cost? Ive searched all over and couldnt find anything so im grateful for any advice you can give me. Thanks alot.

theres a couple of members here, i think, w/ a real hydro setup. from what ive read it would be easier and cheaper to buy a short geared vtec cable tranny. you could probably sell the hydro for what you pay for a cable.

From what I have read and seen on here converting the car to hydro is by far the easiest way to go. The hydro tranny will have fewer miles and more life than a cable tranny and some prefer the feel of the hydro setup.

Search for the conversion and you should find those that have it and how it is done.

The adapter to use the hydro tranny in a cable car is about $450.

A cable tranny will likely be close to that but you will recover with the sale of the hydro tranny.