Coolant Flush: Safe to use hose water?

So I want to flush my coolant, (getting my teggy ready for stupid winter) and since i dont even know when it was done last, (bought the car this year) I thought it was about time.

First of all would you guys recomend those flushes in a bottle things, i think prestone makes one…

My main question is if it ok to do like a lot of people on here are saying in the threads i found seaching to just use some water out of your garden hose to flush with…arent you suposed to use distilled water or somthing??



From what I’ve been told by a mass of people it doesn’t matter what kind of water you use to flush it out. What kind of coolant are you going to use?

Nothing special unless my research shows me otherwise, probably just OEM honda stuff lol. I just am more concerned with getting all the junk out of there.

And the reason im concerned with using hose water is I wont be taking out the thermostat and block drain plug, I just dont have the time to mess with all that. So im concerned that by putting hose water in there all the water that is left in the block wont be coming back out, and mix with the coolant, and contaiminate it (water here has lots of minerals in it).

Well if it’s of that much concern to you, given the fact that your water has many minerals, I would use nothing less than distilled water to be on the safe side.

Just wanted to find out, since there really no point my flushing all the junk out if im just gonna be pouring it back in :wink: