Coolant hose leak - help with which one? I got a pic

Hey everyone i finally located my coolant leak, but I have no idea what exactly it’s leaking from…can anyone help?

Theres a hose that goes from the back side on the intake into the back of the block… check that one … it happened to mine. I was loosing coolant and didnt know from where because it was hitting the exhuast and evaportating…

there are several coolant lines on/around the IM, try looking at those. might need a mirror.

Thanks…I can tell it’s dripping off of that splash guard or whatever it is…

umm… that looks like it is dripping from the drivers side. is that correct? It also looks like green coolant, is that correct? :tsk: :tsk: :tsk:
Unfortunately, there is an extremely high possibility that it is your water pump. :violin:
Like Short4Stuff said, it could also be the crossover pipe… :violin: :violin:

FYI: Green Prestone/Peak/Zerex/No-Name antifreeze is bad for Honda water pump seals.

Eek…I didn’t know that! What do you recommend then? Well, the mileage is getting up there…I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the water pump :tsk:

hmmm… well if it were my G2 then I would have to take everything apart and figure out exactly what was wrong. Maybe that’s why my teg has been in pieces since April… :mad:

How much coolant are you loosing? You might have to just bite the bullet and get the water pump replaced if that is the problem. The timing belt and tensioner should be replaced also while you are getting that done. How many miles on the Teg? This is one of those jobs best done by your own hand or the Acura dealer.

:idea: If it is the crossover pipe, you might be able to get away with some sort of stop-leak. But, I never suggested that… :wink:

My Teg is at 151k and I honestly don’t know what condition the water pump is in, are there any other symptoms of it going bad? I’ll probably take it to the dealer, that’s not something I’m ready to go after :uhoh:

Where is the crossover pipe? I was just looking at the Teg, and I traced the leak to start right behind where the coolant reserve tank is. Is that where the water pump is? And it drips…so it’s not like I lose a lot. It’s weird because it seems worse when the car is parked at an angle - sometimes when it’s on flat ground it won’t leak at all. Ugh.

I didn’t even think that it could be the coolant tank. It would be rather easy to pop it out and test it in the kitchen sink… Is the Teg overheating?

BTW, The crossover pipe is behind the engine under the intake manifold, and the water pump is mounted on the engine and is driven by the timing belt. If it was either the water pump or crossover pipe leaking, I dont think you would see anything near the coolant tank.

No, my car is not overheating. If you look under the car to the start of the leak, and trace it up the side, it’s about in the middle of the wheel, and comes to the area the water pump is in.

Looks like the water pump area.

yeah that’s what I was thinking :frowning:

If it’s puddling that much at a stop there’s a chance (if it is the water pump) that you won’t see it leak when it’s running. I saw this occur on another car…the pump would seal while it was turning, but it would spew coolant when it stopped spinning.

yeah, I dont think it leaks while it’s moving…and it’s not leaking THAT fast, just dripping right now :frowning:

Are you sure the coolant over flow tank isn’t cracked. If that where its coming from that would b my first guess.

The tank leaks, apparently, so I can’t even put coolant in it. I have to keep a close eye on the radiator.

my car had the same symptoms, very slow drips and no drip on flat ground, it was the water pump.

What do you guys think of that orange DexCool stuff? My mechanic recommended that to me and I’m running it in my coolant system now. No problems yet…

Yeah I was wondering which kind to use, since apparently the green is bad :shrug: