coolant hose size, vacuum line length (hoses lines lengths diameter etc.)

im gonna replace all the coolant and vacuum lines and wanted to gather a list of all the sizes and lengths so i can buy them in bulk from pep boys. well except for my upper/lower radiator hoses.


-so far my only tip is for that one coolant line that goes to the FITV that is shaped like a backwards “S”. normally this should be replaced with the oem honda one, because if you try to make one out of a straight line it will kink slightly and may not fit well unless perfect. it’s also a bitch to install. an easier solution is to just make one long line from a straight tube and loop it. this puts a lot less stress on a straight tube and is easier than going to the dealer.

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I need this information too, for those who have it. Vacuum hose diameters specifically (I can measure the lengths with a ruler, but diameters can be finicky).

I just recently got new aftermarket vaccum lines as my Teg had some older Akimoto racing vaccum lines … these were red in color and were much thicker than stock. When I installed my AEM intake I had to replace some of the lines as the existing ones were too short, & I wanted to maintain as close to what was there as I could rather than having mix matched stuff.

Unfortunately Akimoto kits are no longer available so I found a kit like this on fleabay. which was the same color and similar quality to the Akimoto hoses. I have had no issues with them and the whole kit was like 25 bucks shipped. came with more hose than I needed, but hey it’s good to have extra stuff :slight_smile:

Diameters that come to mind were 3MM, 6MM, & 10MM.

I think all I used was the 3MM & 6MM ones. and a small bit of the 10MM hose for the breather to the intake arm.

Heres a pic with them installed

As far as coolant lines I do not recall the sizes exactly I just got the set of red hoses included with the aluminum radiator as part of a combo deal. Make sure when you replace the smaller hoses (I.E. heater core etc) you get the prebent ones for your car… you may have to find ones that are similar and cut them down to fit as the actual hoses are hard to find.

Lol. When I installed my AEM CAI, I just used the 3 piece metal bridge that connects with the stock intake, and connected the lines from there. So the stock breather hose is not connected with anything while I used the breather hose that came with the AEM intake. Since I also got the intake used, it only came with one T connector for the minor hoses, which is now connected to the automatic transmission air line and some other line. The other hole is plugged with a stainless steel screw. there I fixed it

That kit on Ebay looks nice. I’ll probably either order that, or order 6mm and 3mm lines for $.99 per foot + SH.

Again, thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

yea no problem :salute: