Coolant Leak

My car has been having a problem for the last couple of weeks… the coolant has continuously been leaking from somewhere under the engine or radiator. I was wondering if any of you have had a similar problem or might know a common area where the leak my be coming from. Im getting it checked out this week so ill know soon hopefully. This is really pissing me off, ive checked the hoses, thermostat, and the radiator cap, and nothing has helped it so far.

Did you run your hand over all the hoses? Typically, a small hairline crack insn’t visible with the naked eye. I replaced my upper radiator hose earlier this year, but I don;t think it’s a chronic problem on our cars. One other area is the actual radiator. Now this I have heard is susceptible to leaking. The plastic tends to crack after several years of use.

I just had a coolant leak too. It was at the throtle body. It seems keeps the throtle body warm during cold times. Check those lines too… Let us know how it all works out.


Did you check all the hoses? Aside from the radiator hoses up front, there’s a few smaller ones behind the engine area. Also, there’s the block drain plug on the front of the engine, but I really doubt that it’s leaking. It’s worth a check though.


How many mile since you did your Timing Belt? Could be the water pump bearing seal is leaking… should replace the timing belt/ water pump at the same time… Any antifreeze dripping down the front of your oil pan?

Timing belt was done at around 100k, I’m now at 133, so its probably not that. Ill get the throttle body checked out though and let you know where I find it coming from.

Nothing appears to be coming from directly below the oil pan, it seems to be coming out under the lower radiator hose, from the part of the engine block under there. I put some of that leak stopper in and nothing else leaked out last night, but I doubt thats gonna solve the problem.

i just had a similar experience with the coolant leaking. my car kept overheating. i thought it was going to be something serious too. ended up it was just the small rubber hose. a nice hairline crack in it. it was hard to see though. i just felt the leak underneath. it ended up costing a dollar for me to fix it. doesn’t get cheaper than that.

Well that was shot lived, the leaks back, but Im pretty sure now that the coolant is leaking from the front bottom of the transaxle. Was this where your leak was also K2Bumper?? This makes sense seeing how the leak only exists after ive been driving the car in gear, itll never leak after having been in idle. Anyone have an idea of what needs to be fixed/replaced and how much it will cost? (I doubt I can do it myself)

those damn integra’s are nothing but problems. get an american car!

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Does anyone know what a coolant leak in the transaxle area can be caused by? Im taking it somewhere monday and I’d like to get a little idea of whats wrong first.

transaxle/oilpan mine was a water pump leak. like he said, replaced that - really cheap i htink the pump was like 35, but labor sucked. in the haynes manual, theres a way to check the drain hole on the pump to see if its the problem and it was. you need to move the alternator out of the way to do this i believe. they also did the timing belt while they were down there. i still need to replace a hose or two…

How much did they charge you on labor?

i think about 100 for the pump, and 40 for the timing