Coolant level always low!

Hey, I needed some quick help on what to do with my car. It’s a 1991 RS Automatic with no a/c. I’ll fill up the coolant all the way up to MAX and then the day after the fluid is all the way down to low. I think the level goes down while i drive because there is no leak in the garage where i park it.

Perhaps I need to change the radiator hose(s)? (If so could somebody direct me to a guide or website that shows how to replace the hoses)

I got a free forty-something point inspection from Acura (because my parents bought the car new back in 1990) and they recommended that the hoses be replaced along with some other stuff, but i’ve misplaced the diagnostic sheet.

anything help would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lot

haynes or helms should show u that. it coul also leak from the radiator… HTH

i had the same problem

its obviously the hoses
It could any anyone of these

You wont see losing coolant when you start the car in the morning because there is no pressure. But try to keep the car running after you return home from driving when its hot and then look under the car, i am sure you will see losing coolant and then you can pin point the exact location

Any white smoke coming from your tailpipe? could be a blown headgasket, check your oil and coolant to see if they are contaminated with the other fluid…


Had a problem similar and i checked my hoses…the one running from the overflow to by the radiator cap had a split in it so it only leaked when there was pressure. more than likely the hoses…

I really hate to ask this very basic question however your post says you are adding water to the overflow tank. Are you checking the water in the RADIATOR? If the radiator is actually low then every time you add water to the overflow tank and drive the car it will suck it into the radiator during hot-cold cycling. It will continue to do this until the radiator is full. The key is to actually remove the radiator cap…when the car is cool… and fill the radiator. If the radiator is full and you still are noticing a coolant loss then you may have a problem. But like aerohit says you want to check the hoses on a hot or at least warm car not on a cold one.

Just a repeat… Add coolant to the radiator of a cold car before the overflow. And check for leaks on a preferably hot car.