coolant/timing belt

man im disappointed, i found out today that coolant is leakin from the head and soaking the timing belt/gears (not cam gears).

i really dont wanna take apart engine. i recently put a new headgasket on about 3 months ago.

the car doesnt lose power at all, so im not worried about coolant/oil in cylinders (even tho i know it get in there cuz i get smoke only when i floor it), but im worried about the timing belt.

im scared it my slide off the gears,but i was told since it has plenty of tension it will stay put. is this true? will the heated coolant burn the belt. and the it squeels a lil on a cold start, just like any other belt when wet.

can i go maybe a month or 2?

Where exactly is the coolant coming from?? Between the block and the head or from your water pump??
Did you replace your water pump when you did your timing belt??

I would recommend you get that fixed ASAP. You dont want to have your belt constantly soaked in any fluids. It will aid in the deterioration of your belt and thus causing early failure.

You dont have to worry about it sliding off the cam gears or anything like that. It is going to stay on there, unless it breaks.

I dont know the exact effect that the coolant will have on the belt, but you should get that problem taken care of very soon.


unfortunately between head and block

and the timing belt was done with the belt about 5 months ago

Did you do the head gasket yourself??
Did you torque down the head bolts in 2 steps like your supposed to??
Why did you have to replace your head gasket??


yeah i did it
i did the 2 step but i dont think i put them tight enuff, my torque wrnch sux

i replaced cuz when i was installing cams i broke camholder bolts in head so i had to take it out to send to shop. i was gonna use same head gasket but thought that would be stupid.

so its either the head warped or head bolts not tight enuff, cuz torque wrench is what caused me to brake camholer bolts in 1st place.

Definately pick up a new torque wrench. It is a good idea to keep a good one around all the time if you are going to be working on your own car.

If the head did warp it is either because you may have taken in off the wrong way (1/3 turn on each stud in reverse torque order until all bolts are all the way loose) or your torque wrench tightened them down to different specs and caused the head to warp.

It is good that you used a new head gasket too. Head gaskets are a one use thing.