Cooling Fan wiring

I want to wire up the cooling fan in my teg(91 RS)
I do not want to use any of the existing wiring/relays.
I came up with this diagram:

I want to incorp. the ECT switch into this. Im not sure if the Relay wiring is correct either. Please correct me if this isnt right.
I came up with this picture. not sure if it will work either.

lemme know what u think.
dan :drunks:

Run the ground for the relay through the ECT and get rid of the switch. That way the ECT will control when the fans come on. If you want to have a switch control, simply run the switch as a second ground path for the relay and then the ECT or the switch will turn the fans on.

Edit: The second picture is what I am talking about. That will work fine. You can actually save yourself a lot of wiring mess if you tap into the wires at the connector for the fan timer unit. That’s what I plan on doing for my car.

The second “schematic” is the closest but still wrong, the rad fan has a constant 12V+ going to it, fuse 12 - 15A “HAAT” in under dash fuse box, the rad fan relay supplies a ground to the fan, just as the “ECT sensor” Supplies the rad fan relay with a ground to “energize” it, if you want to add a switch why not just wire a switch, [in parallel] to supply a ground to the rad fan relays “ECT sensor” input, [yellow/green].

Is there a reason you do not want to use "any of the existing wiring/relay? :frowning: 94

yea, it never works…i dont feel like bothering with figuring out why. Id rather just run new wires, and a new relay so it works.

I wanted the ECT to kick the fans on whenever it needs to, and I also wanted to have the option of using a switch to kick the fan on when ever I want(as long as the car is on).

the car has a B16 swap in it…which is out right now, im putting another B16 in it(the old one had some bent valves(timing belt jumped),and it also leaked oil from every spot it could leak, and it was easier/cheaper just to swap the whole motor out, because I got a good deal on the new motor. So I figured Id get in here and run all of the wires I need to now, so I can hide them a lot better then if the motor was in there.
thats the car

ive cleaned up a lot of the vacuum hoses and wiring since this pic has been taken(old motor) and the header was on this one

Actually, that’s true. It would be a better idea to use the relay on the ground side of the fan. This way you won’t run into issues with burning up the contacts on the relay from the spark every time the fan turns on.