Core Support Help !

So When i bought my car it had been lightly backed into. Can someone guide me through pulling the core support back out so my lights sit flush with the hood ???

u would need a porta power (+ a chain), or just a come along, and some kind of large anchor point.

u’d need to pull it til it started looking right without damaging the core support and making it look all distorted n twisted. aside from the lightly damaged core support, are u sure that the headlight/foglight housing is ok and unbent? cuz that wouldn’t help when trying to align it all n get it to sit flush.

honestly IDK about the headlight housing bracket. Im going to replace the headlight bracket and see if it makes a difference.

there might be another way,might wanna get a block of wood,put it against the back of the core support and hit it with a hammer,atleast a big rubber one,or if u have one,a copper hammer,dont try the regular hammers,ur just going to waste ur time,anyways just keep hitting it till u c that it is moving,this might reposition the core where u want it 2 b without damaging it,…will take longer,more of a hassle to,…but im pretty sure this will work if u dont got the money or equipment to go get it pulled,…also u might need to take the radiator out,since it will be on the way,…

take it to a bodyshop?