Corner lights gone crazy

Well, I just noticed this the other day, but when i turn my left blinker on, my left corner lamp and bumper lamp blink like normal, but also my right corner lamp blinks too, and I don’t have a clue why. My right bumper lamp does NOT blink when I turn my left signal on. It’s almost as my right corner lamp is responding as though I’m turning my hazards on. I’m clueless. Any ideas???


This is happening to my car too, 91 RS with NO mods done what-so-ever to the car.
Come on peeps, some one has to know…Guru? Anyone?
I wonder if it’s related to my rad fan staying on for a while after my car is off?


It’s one of two things:

Integrated control unit is bad (most likely) - see if your intermittent wipers still work properly, along with your “key in” beeper and rear window defroster (should turn off after 10 minutes).


There’s a bad ground on one of your corner lamp bulbs, and they’re grounding through each other’s filament.

well…what if my intermittent wipers will work? And if it is a grounding problem, how do I solve that?
BUT…my key in beeber doesn’t work.
Ay yuh yhay.
I’m at the verge of selling BOTH my DAs if they don’t stop this maddness