so i rewired my foglights. i want to have it to when i turn on just my corner that the whole light will light up! right now my corners are the facotry ones! how would i get it so my whole corner light will light up not just the amder painted part? thanks

so you want both bulbs in each corner light and the fogs on at the same time right, pretty much everything except headlight itself? well have the fog button on, then turn on the parking lights(first notch of headlight switch)

whenever the parking lights are on all 4 corner bulbs should come on

when i turn one notch. wut happens is that only one bulb in each corner lights up! theres two bulbs. iam pretty much asking how to get both bulbs to light up. right now the bulb that doesnt light only works with the turn signals? is there a way to get the whole corner light to light up 2 bulbs in each corner? my fogs are rewired and i just want to make it that the whole corner light is lighten up, when i have one click on the light switch? u know wut i mean. thanks late

from the factory, both of the bulbs in the corner light are supposed to light up anytime you turn on the parking lights.

both bulbs lighting up is standard from factory. if yours doesn’t light up, then there is something wrong with the wiring and/or relays.

check all wiring and make sure its wired up the way it should from the factory.

same thing happened to me with the two bulb thing, only the one back bulb lit up. I checked it out, and the one was just lose wiring but the other one, the harness wasn’t even there!wtf? so i needa buy a parking light harness now.

do this but if you havent already also check to make sure the 2 bulbs aren’t burnt out as well.

he said they only light up on his turn signals so they aren’t burnt

huh?? 2 bulbs work right? and 2 of the bulbs aren’t lighting up, therfor the 2 not lighting up could be burnt out

clean your plugs, mine were full of calcium, and had no more contact…they didn’t work either. i bought my clear corners (but am about to get one peice jdm’s), cleaned my plugs and kept the same bulbs, and worked like a charm.