Could I fit in a TV

I got my car broken into and they jacked my sterio so I thought mabey if I put a DVD/CD changer in the back I could put a TV in the open hole where they broke my center consol, is this possible?

yes. kenwood makes a unit that fits (expensive though) or you could buy a monitor, mount it, and fiberglass around it.

anything is possible when it comes to interior, you imagination can create anything you want

but think about this, some lowlife scums just jacked your stereo, Do you really want to put a TV in place of it so it can possibly getted jacked as well? Just something to think about as well as maybe an security system of some sort

Hey, White Teggy, check mine out.

By the way I gave the Eq and Amp to my nephew to use for his DB1.

Also, go look in Ebay for your LCD screen, Search “Double Din” you should see alot of options. Hope this helps.

My bad, this is CANCERs thread. Good luck man.

not to shabby, i once had plans for a interior all done up, but lost interest(or money i should say), never finished it and i guess i kinda am just trying a more stockish look but plan on keeping a few peices white, just to give it a lil bit of color.

at least someone got some use outa the EQ/amp lol, i kinda like you steering wheel cover thing lol

i like mine, had to do some other custom stuff, and i lost my ash try lol, but o well.


White Teggy, My wheel cover is White leather, I bought it from for like 35 bucks.

there are plenty of setups that can fit right there and give you a monitor. best buy has a lot of displays ya know… give you stuff to look at and maybe decide what you want exactly.

and 13pulgadas - is that a universal pushbutton starter? i seen those at autozone and was thinking about it.

do u just have to put in the key for those push starters to work, or do you have to put it in the on position, or what?

the one in there now is universal. i used to have an S2000 button, but it got fried, damn cold weather.

you can wire them anyway you chose, i have mine wired so that i have to put the key in and turn it to the ON position. then you just press the key. its a big help when my car stalls at everylight. lol


it can be done cuz i did it …but i actually used a pc in my car that was hidden under the seat…the screen i beleve is a 7.5in touch screen (ie mouse pointer)



thats awsome, how’d you get them in there like that, what did you put around it and hows the head unit staying mounted like that. what mod’s did u have to do to the dash, thanks you’ll be helping me out

How do you like that lilliput? I have a 7’ tview and it works really good, but gets somewhat hot sometimes. How is the glare in the sunlight? I get washed out in extremely bright light.

i had minimal glare with mine cuz i had a non glare screen protector on it…during the day was fine but alittle dark…i had it in there for a couple months now ive gone with pioneers avic-d1
here is a link to a pic of what i ahve now

i had to cut the ash tray and cig lighter off the bracket in behind the center console and i basically used velcro pieces around it in various spots but the screen was the perfect dimensions for that double din spot…aldo i had to care alittle out of the center console part to get the deck cage to fit…

so you basically used velcro to mount the screen?? and it holds?..and howd you get the deck to stay suspended like that. im sorry im asking alot of questions i just want to get this done right the firsttime

HAHAHA i just laughed so hard when i read the Thread tittle cuz I wasnt thikning and thought u Meant could u Actually fit in a tv like fat albert XD, and as for if you could yah just make sure you dont cheap out on them the cheap ones work about as good as well ebay performance parts