Couple of Questions

Just a couple of different questions I need to know, so help me out…

How many quarts of transmission fluid does the transmission of a '90 LS 5spd need? Also, how and where exactly do you put the fluid in? Anyone have any how-to’s on changing the tranny fluid?

Other question is does anyone know the part# for the tail light gaskets? My tails leak condensation. And the part# for the rear hatch plug?



tranny holds 2.4qts of 10w30 or 10w40 engine oil, honda mtf can also be used.

for some reason if you call honda they will tell you to put engine oil in your 90-93 integra, but if you have a 94, then they’ll tell you to use honda mtf—kinda weird. there are lot of people here who say that you’re wrong to use the engine oil. And thats just BS! The manual says use engine oil, engine oil came in the tranny when your car rolled out of the factory, and if you take your car to acura for a tranny service they will fill it with engine oil.

there obviously isn’t anything wrong with the mtf, it might even be better than just plain engine oil—but engine oil isn’t going to hurt anything.

as for how to fill the tranny, its really easy. I had to do it when i changed my axles. Get a manual and it’ll tell you everything you need to know.

so 2.4 quarts huh? I guess I’ll have to buy 3 quarts then, planning on buying Honda MTF this weekend and changing it. I wish I had a manual. Anyway you could scan the page for me? Thanks again.

you can pick up a haynes manual and any local autoparts store for about $15. True its not the best, but it’ll get ya through the simple stuff like this, i know mine’s helped me out quite a bit. But i do plan on getting a better manual before i do more serious stuff like a swap.