couple problems..headers...axle

i have a couple problems i’ll put them in one thread…

  1. i changed my o2 sensor when i un bolted the old o2 sensor it took the threats from the header with it so now my header o2 thread is all messed up so i have some exhaust crack repair stuff holding my o2 sensor in and its getting looser and looser…
    so my idea is to buy one of those 150 dollars header from ebay anyone think their ok…

  2. whenever i make a right hand turn and give it gas i hear a clicking noise… but not when no gas is applied… going to the left is fine… what can this be… i hoe nothing costly

thank you

If the threads aren’t too bad, you might be able to get away with just retapping. Otherwise, you can drill out the threads and use a threaded insert. You can buy thread repair kits, or any machine shop should be able to repair the threads with little trouble. Definitly cheaper then buying a new header.

Check your CV boots.


thanks tom… sorry bout the cross threading but no one replyed to mine…i want to buy headers anyway i’m thinking of getting these cheap ones on ebay for 130 bucks