cracked rubber pieces causes of squeaking? *pics*

hey guys i’ve had some squeaking when i reverse for pretty much as long as i’ve had the car ( 1 year ) and now i have had some squeaking when i turn right. so i took of both rear wheels today and noticed some cracked rubber pieces (bushings???) not sure what they are. im wondering if these could be the cause of the squeaking. some of the rubber pieces are cracked worse than this one but u get the idea. thanks.


culprit or not, those are DEFINITELY not healthy for the car. get 'em replaced as soon as you’re able. i’d be willing to bet they’re contributing to the squeaking though.

yea i put white grease on them just in case it was the squeaking. haven’t driven it yet. so what are they… the bushings? and what’s the thing in the other pic? thanks.


yep, bushings. the first one is your rear trailing arm bushings. they’re a bitch.

the other is your upper locating arm (rear). if you get a camber kit like SPC’s or omnipower’s (not the shims, the actual replacement arm type) it’ll be easier than replacing just the bushing.

i have DC rear trailing arms now and used mugen bushings. they don’t make DA bushings, and they’re a different size so I can’t help you on that one. don’t just get the polyurethane inserts either–they’re crap. search the forums for rear trailing arm bushing replacement–it’s been covered a great deal. :up:

alright… will do. thanks for the help ferret :slight_smile:


ok searched a bit and took a drive. it squeaks when i reverse and when i turn right. the sound is coming from the rear right side ( i think ) . now i read that some camber kits will come with the bushings already and i wont have to replace them? i am already in the need of a camber kit and i have on order some KYB GR2’s and im gonna be using tenzo r coilovers. i dont plan on going more than 1.5" drop cuz the roads here are bad. can someone tell me what brands of camber kits will have the bushings i need and that might be good for this setup? and i also read that doing the rear trailer arm bushing is a real pain in the ass. i most likely wouldn’t be able to do it myself. how much would a shop charge to do this if i brought the parts? thanks for all the help guys.


as for shops, that’s totally subjective. many shops won’t guarantee the work if they don’t provide the parts. you’ll just have to make some calls.

as for the camber kit, SPC and Omnipower make kits that I know will work. Anything that completely replaces the upper locating arm will work.


anything that resembles that for a rear camber kit will work just fine for you.

ok i was just lookin at the spc ones. here’s a link.

i was lookin at these ones cuz it’s pretty expensive IMO 1.5" Lowered SPC Camber Solutions Performance Kit 60050MPR

is that for just the rear or for the front too? thanks


well, i would recommend calling and asking them because judging by the photo, you get a full set for the rear and half a set for the front, you need four of those pieces on the bottom of the picture. they say you get two. now, if “two” by their definition means two SETS (one for each side, as you need two of those anchors per side for the UCA) then it’s a decent deal. otherwise you still have to buy one side, and that’s almost gay as taking advice from radzer0. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol yea… so this is all i need for the rear and half for the front ur sayin right? thanks.


ok sent them an email askin about that part number and whether is was a full kit and all i need to do the front and rear and they answered that it was the complete kit. so when i get the money i guess this is gonna be a new project… camber kit installation hard? :hmm: thanks.


not really hard, just time-consuming.

obviously you’ll need to remember you’ll be needing an alignment after it’s back together, so be sure to save enough money for that too.