Crank and no start, please read! its not what you think.

I understand these threads get beat to death but please hear me out.
Im new to these forums, my name is damien and im from miami. I drive a 1990 GS and im having a strange problem.

I bought the car and it was overheating, the temperature sensor that controls the coolant fan was busted so it is bypassed and the fan is always on. No more overheating. I was having hesitation while driving and on acceleration so i changed the fuel fliter and air filter along with the rest of a tune up. The ditributor is also fairly new.

When i try to start the car it will crank and not start, when i let go of the key the CEL stays lit but there are no codes in the computer. I sit there and watch - sometimes five minutes sometimes over an hour and watch the CEL. At some point it blinks and then soon after goes dark.

Then the car starts right up.
This is the only part of the problem that remains constant.

Sometimes i will get in the car and it will start right away. Sometimes it wont. Sometimes its after long periods of driving - and sometimes if i drive for 5 minutes i cant start the car for an hour.

Please help me in figuring this out because its causing me problems i.e. WORK.


I have the exact same problem with my 93 LS.

Sometimes ill walk right out and it’ll start, no problem. Then other times (usually when im in a hurry), I’ll go to start it and it’ll just sit there trying to start but wont. Then I’ll go to start it about an hour later and it’ll be fine.

I’ve checked my alternator already and its in decent shape and ive done nearly everything I can think of including a new starter.

I cant think of what it could be.

main fuel relay

Werd. Listen to him. I had the same problem in my old Civic and my 90 Integra GS. It is a common problem with hondas. Just add solder to the connections and it should work. I soldered mine and it starts everytime now.

where is this main fuel relay located, and is it normal in these situations to smell some fuel not alot, and only in certain areas of the car?

Ok, thanks for the info. Im gonna change the fuel relay as soon as i get the chance. If i remeber from searching this - it costs around $50?

one other variable i forgot to mention, the fuel filter was extremely dirty. The gas was like an orange-brown coming out.

How would i check the fuel pressure if i dont have a gauge?
just disconnect a fuel line and crank it?

And a ten gallon bucket as the pump is rated in gallons per minute. Gotta stopwatch?:wink:

I live in Miami and I can tell your a fact it is the main fuel relay. The hot tempertures down here cause the soder to crak and does not let the relay do its job. You don’t really need to buy a new relay if you have a sodering iron and soder. Just melt the old soder and add some new soder to all the contact points the relay will be good as new. I’ve done that many times for my friends and it works every time.

rofl @ evt :lol:

ok im gonna solder the contacts. preciate the help.

Thnk u, thnk u vry mch. But really, I get no respect.:cool:

One of the last times I was groveling around the smash pit, I got brainiac’d and cut off the pwr connector to the fuel pump. Now, I can remove the splash guard over the pump, pull the harness connector off, plug this baby in and use my long pwr cables to empty the fuel tank. Just need 4 ft of hose to put on the fuel rail return line nipple and voila! No need to crank, bypasses the MFR and fill the lawn mower.:ok:

^^Thanks for the help. starts right up now.:up: