Crank Pulley flew off

ok crazy shit last night on the way to runs. banged 2nd gear and my crankshaft pulley flew off. i collected all the pieces from the road and the bolt looks MINT. no stripping of threads or anything threaded it back in there nad it went in and tightened and shit. i also lost my outer timing belt guide washer and the timing belt came out about a 1/8 of an inch and actually burned lines through the plastic cover and burned my vlave cover nasty black burn on nice red cover. hte pulley has chunks out of it now from its roll timing belt is also worn down. sorry for the shpeal im new and i guess only concern is tightening my crankshaft pulley bolt too 100ft/lbs says haynes without a hoist so any ideas anyone?

What the heck are you actually asking?
Yes, you have to change the timing belt
Yes, you have to change the pully if it’s missing chunks.
And tighten the crankshaft pully bolt really well.

good ways to do it with out a hoist. timing belt looks good still on tight but is 1/8th toward driver side motor mount. could a loose alternator bolt cause the crank pulley to fly off?

Crank Pulley

I don’t know what causes it, but its not likely that your alternator bolt had anything to do with it. The same thing happened to me, after the third time I used a air impact gun and its been fine since.

u 2 eh. if the timing belt didnt come off is my timing still good? i also lost the outer timing belt guide washer. is it possible to just loosen the belt to slip it fully on agian and then tighten it. or do i need to do a timing belt change? tryn to save money and time. already have to buy a new pulley ATI any good? i heard if you have a built motor u should use an upgraded pulley but only one that dampens just like the stock one like what ATI makes anyone use these?

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The crank pulley bolt torque is 130 lb/ft, and it is supposed to be torqued in a two step process, torque to 145 lb/ft, then back it off enough to torque it to 130 lb/ft. Your crank pulley bolt probably backed off from not enough torque, then the pulley slung off…

This guy can’t be serious.

who isnt serious?

You. First there really is no way to save time and money on a “built” motor. The purpose of a dampener is to absorb crank vibrations, which a “built” motor should have VERY minimal of anyways due to balancing. Second, ANY time a malfunction of the timing belt occurs, you NEED to replace it. Even though it may look ok, why chance it? Lastly, an alternator would have no effect on the pulley. Parts on your car broke my friend and there is no way around doing it right unless you want to risk having to re-do it again. Why risk more time and money when you can put a little extra moola and time now? Buy a new crank pulley, t-belt guide ring, t-belt. Make SURE your timing is right, install new parts. Be pretty embarassing/tough to lose a timing belt at the track. Didn’t mean to make such a long post or offend. Good luck!

thats cool. my motor is a b18c1 with pr3’s stock rods and crank. my idle was feeling fucked b4 the pulley flew off. thanks for the reply. wasnt sure how you meant that comment but its all good now. i could have possibly been driving with it loose for a while could i have bent my crank? i left the car runninng after it flew off to check things out and it was still running. not expecting an answer but chances are? thanks

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there is a washer and a key that u need to make sure you use when you put the bolt back on make sure you use these