Crank Pulley Nut

Yeah, the bitch aint comin off…i’m gonna let it sit in penetrant overnight and then i’ll try and re-impact it tomorrow, but mothafuck :bang:

150psi impact wrench, 24" 1/2" drive wrench, and the bish ain’t movin. My clutch sure slips tho, so i figure i’m puttin out what, 150-200lb-ft?

Anyone else got any ideas? I don’t wanna get it towed, but i’m seriously contemplating getting it towed to a mechanic and havin them pop it off w/their 500ft/lb impact wrenches then reassembling the bish in their parkin lot…

Any input?

I had a helluva hard time getting mine off too. I finally got it by using a torch to heat the washer behind the head of the bolt RED hot and then using a 1/2" drive impact for a minute. Finally got it.

Be careful not to melt your timing belt cover though… heh… um… no i’m not speaking from experience :wink: