Crank pulley removal help plz.

Yeah so i’m working on a 91 integra LS for a friend. I’ve been to several shops already looking for a tool to get this pulley off.
I can get the pulley to stop moving by using a screwdriver in the rotor.
i dont have any access to an airgun (wish i did, it would make life easier).
and ive also tried bumping the starter with a breaker bar. its not enough force to break it loose.
any suggestions?
and i cant find a 50 mm hex removal tool anywhere around here.

try the dealer, or search the for sale threads. or just search g2ic for it.

little update. i got the bolt off finally with an electric impact wrench. but now i cant get the pulley off. guessing i need a 3 armed puller?

You don’t need a puller to remove the pulley. It normally just slides on and off, yours is probably rusted on. I’d soak it inside and behind with something like PB blaster spray, let it sit for a while. and then try to jar it free with either a pry bar or light taps with a hammer.