crank pulley

ok im bout to order some pulley’s from unorthodox but i heard something that puzzles me. I heard that the stock crank pulley has like an internal balancing system or something like that and when u buy the aftermarket ones they don’t come w/ this balancing thing. And the result of this is that it can **** up yur crank bearings at high rpms. They like vibrate and therefor messing up yur engine or even maybe even blwoing it up. And i was just wondering if any one else has heard of this problem b/c it sounds really bad if its true and if it is then m not going to buy them.

go there and read the this completly

DO NOT BUY ANY AFTERMARKET BALANCER… visit endyn’s archives…, i believe he has a writeup on why.

thanx redline that answered my question perfectly and thanx also stizzit but that didn’t really answer my quesiton actually it really didn’t even address the problem at all but ne ways thanx