cranked car without coil

so for reasons i wont talk about, i attempted to start my car with the coil disconnected. (external coil). the car cranked and then the engine made like a whirring sound almost as if it had started, it was weird.
so anyway im like “uh oh” i hook up the coil, try to start it, and my CEL doesnt click when it goes off (MFR not supplying power). obviously it doesnt start. then the CEL doesnt even go off and the s3 is flashing at me. great. so im like ‘fuck this shit’ and reset my ecu.
now everything is perfectly fine.
what do you think happened? do you think the error i was getting was maybe the tdc sensor?
i had myself seriously scared for a minute but then i was like ‘no fuck that, what if someone tries to start their car with a bad coil, shit doesnt get all fucked up.’ alright… ideas?
thanks yoooooo.

my friend’s coil went out in his obd-1 distrib. would start, replaced it and was fine. he had an internal but it should be fine.

i dont doubt that its fine… im just wondering what was going on. why was the cel throwing a code at me after i out the coil back in, why was my mfr not turning on…