Crazy build questions

So here’s what’s goin on (some of you may have seen the “B17 rods!!!” thread I posted.

Basically I’m doin a build. All motor. (.)
I’m going with Crower rods, crower stage2 cams. Port and polish. Wiseco 12:1 pistons. Highflow head 2.5" all the way to the back. Already have the wiseco. Going to run the current ITR manifold (side by side with my friends skunk2 is identical…lol) 72mm throttle body as well. RDX injectors may also be used. Going with a wideband+s300 for fuel control (walbro 255lph fuel pump too)
SO that leaves us at 1 crucial part. The valve train.
I want flat face valves for a tad more compression and smooth flow. I will obviously be running at hella rpms so good valve springs and ti retainers. Brass guides probably too.

What do you think/ have you heard of KMS Engineering. I found a pretty decent deal on a valve train package:
Please check that out or if you have experience with them let me know.

MY OTHER OPTION IS: supertech About 700 for all valves springs retainers and keepers.

I’ve heard good things about supertech so at this point the diff is only 100 bucks but if KMS is good that 100 can go towards other needed stuff.

Comments on build ideas welcome! (Note though I’m running hella static compression I’m in colorado so we have that dam altitude thing and I can get 93 if you think 12:1 is too high for 91 oc at 5280’)


Judging by what Iceman said about the dowel pins, I don’t have much faith in the rest of their products. I say go with the more reputable company, Supertech

supertech it is then!

why are are you using aftermarket rods on a N/A set up? stock rods wil do just fine u could use that cash on valve train and tuning.

dh racing
Super tech

i vote JGE or DH

Down the road I will be punching the sleeves for darton and boosting. Figured why not get the parts now?

Gunna go supertech. It’s not really that much more

I suppose this thread is going to be my build thread… Move it to general and media if its in the wrong place…

Got parts in!!! WOOT:





nice choice in pistons. i also went with wiesco. and I just did a manual rack swap this past week. :rockon:

Match your valvetrain to your cams. Trust me. If you’re going to get some Skunk2 cams, get skunk2 valvetrain crower with crower etc etc.

so, what about about endyn cams?

endyn cams are their version of Jun spec C cams. Good stuff. They use them on just about every build they make, from their 180whp street B series to their 270whp high output custom B20B builds.


Hey where did you get your manual steering rack? Nice build by the way, looks like thing are coming together nicely. I went with the ST Nitrate coated valves for my build, I’ll let you know in a month or so how they work out.

Right on. Ima probably go with the supertech but im thinking about doing the KMS since everyone says they’re just rebranded supertech. Plus tehy rate the springs at 11k which is just where i want it =p

Oh new pics! }=)

Turbo goin to be rebuilt after I have everything else but yes… Im going high cr low boost since i got that thing free lol




Hahahahahahhahahahhahha. Right on :rockon:

yea Agaz i came over to the dark side… curse u.

Darton sleeves coming in the mail next =)

Yeah, like I was saying yesterday. You’ll want to get rid of that internally gated piece.
Happy reading!!:angel: :
Question about smaller turbos…
Also check out
And last but not least:
G2IC Turbo Guide

I hate you agazzi.
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