Crazy enough to work?

I need this to extend my 4-1 header… u guys think it’ll work?

looks like it should work temporarily. If you’re going to be running it like that for awhile, I recommend using exhaust clamps rather than those weaker pipe clamps. You should just got a exhaust shop to extend that for you, shouldn’t be more than $50 max, to do.


Definitely not the best way of doing things, but I think it will work. I also recommend exhaust clamps.


why are you trying to extend the header, why not just leave the header the way it is and add in the extra pipe in after the cat?

i am saying this only because you are using hose clamps and they are not strong enough to crimp and seal the pipes together.

if hose clamps are the only thing that you have than you would want to add the pipe in after the cat so that there would be less back pressure which would give less chances of leaks.

i wasnt gonna mess with my header, only with this extra obd1 cat i have laying around… But im jes gonna end up welding it i guess

if you do not have spring bolt anywhere in your exhaust something will crack very sooon.


itll leak. i dont know how these domestic guys can run just clamps. do they not care about leaking?

anywho, i dont think we can afford leaks. i had a bad leak where the cat end of the bpipe meets the resonator, and after i fixed it i gained 4-6mpg. probably gained some power back too.