Creating more travel??

I have my teg sitting at about 80mm off ground
or 300mm centre of wheel to guard using pro-1 coilovers and bilsten shocks

My top A arms smash into the guard (i have a camber kit running 1.2 neg) and my shocks (factory shortend bodied bilstenis) are on the bumps

I can move the coilver down on the circlip on and raise the coil over up maybe for more travel and cut the bump
The A arm will smash on the gaurd really badly,

I am asking what do u do to get around this, i have heard of using other honda bits and doing a little machining.
I see da6’s and EF civics MUCH lower than my car with WAY more travel than mine

can anyone help me?

vision upper a-arms, groundcontrol top hats or cut and extend yours, and/or lower the shock in the fork by hacking.

ok got any links so i can read up
never heard of that stuff before

yes putting the shock lower in fork will giz me a bit more travel
but if i sussed the a arms and cut bump i would be sorted :slight_smile:

Ground Control top hats

they add 1/2" of additional shock travel.

Bought mine directly from Ground Control for $100/pair.

1/2 an inch for that price, 1/2 an inch is stuff all more travel thats 12.5mm right?

i think i will go with finding out how to do my own mods on stock bits

so any info of the vision A arms??

The vision arms are more of a race only product. They provide for MORE negative camber than the stock arm. This does help clearance issues…but you will have more neg camber. If you’re racing the car then you probably want this. But considering you said you’re only running 1.2deg neg camber I’m guessing your car is a street car and you’d like not to burn your tires too quick.

The a-arm hitting the inner fender isn’t that big of a deal. When I had my car pretty low (3-3.5" lower than stock) the a-arm hit the inner fender and eventualy just made its own room by pushing away the metal. It won’t hurt anything. One member here, Shenrie, even cut holes in his strut towers to allow the a-arms to move freely.

How long are the bump stops that you’re using? I hope you already cut them a little…when lowering our cars you’re always going to want to cut the bump stops (unless for some reason your shocks already come w/ really small bump stops). The bump stops on my Tokico’s were about 1.5", I cut them down to about .75".

Overall I would just recommend that get the GC top hats and/or you raise the car up. Having the car really low does look good…but its not that great for performance. As I mentioned before I previously had my car lowered about 3-3.5" lower than stock, I since then have raised it up so its about 2.5" lower than stock… didn’t do much for making the car look any higher off the ground, but honestly, it handles a LOT better now. The extra travel was definitely worth it…and I would still like to get the GC top hats, or make my own, because it would be nice to have even more travel.

yes the a Arms have hit many times and made there own room
taking the paint off the strut towers

cutting the bumps will only make the a arms hit harder

the distance between the guard and the a arm is what is limiting my travel not the bumps

SO i need a solution for making the a arms sit lower

I have heard of people maching arms etc so achieve this

any more help anyone

Hi, what wheels do you run, cause when i checked my 17’s hit the plastic inner guard first have you tried removing this, and if your arms are really hitting can you get me the measurement from the centre of the wheel at the point of contact, (car on stands then jack tyre up till something hits and tyre starts lifting the car), thanks.