Crower Stroker Kit?

I was curious to know what kind of power I could get from stroking my B18A to a 2.1L? Is it worth the cost?


not really worth it for a daily driven car…yeah you should hypothetically make some good power numbers with it, but the increased stress and heat build-up in the cylinders pretty much makes it a requirement to rebuild a stroked honda engine every 8,000 miles or so to keep it running at top form…if you are looking to increase displacement, just throw a b20 block in there, your ls head and everything will bolt right up to it and there is your 2.0 liters of fun, a lot safer route to go and will run just as reliable as a stock engine forever


yeah, I don’t think the stroker kit is the best way to go to get the power I want. If I put the kit in it would decrease the already small r/s ratio to even smaller. Which would not be good. So if I ever have enough money to do it, I think I will go with the B20 with a B18C5 or 1 head on it. Now that should crank out some power!