crower stroker kit?

has anyone heard anything about the crower stroker kit to make a 1.8 into a 2.26? im trying to research it, but can’t really find anything. also lemme know you r opinions on what i should do stroker and turbo or all motor?!?!

what is it you want to know about it?

erinashley has one of their stroker kits. the 2.1 liter version I think. A turbo setup would almost certainly be cheaper than the 2.26 liter stroker. what are your goals for the engine?

do you guys think that the stroker kit is reliable? should i get bigger injectors? cams? chip? and as far as goals on the engine i pretty much want to go balls out. and would actually like to do a stroker and a turbo as well… any help is appreciated and comments as well

You want to go “balls out” but you’re asking if you should get cams or bigger injectors? And concerned with reliability still? First I’d get your priorities straight…

You don’t see stroker kits too often in Honda street engines. It’s just much easier to make great power with a big bore/short stroke/high rev motor in these applications. Increasing stroke length will speed up the piston, creating an increase in torque, at the cost of a lower redline because everything in the block is now moving faster up and down for the same RPM.

If you want to spend that much money on your engine (especially a turbo one), you could buy a lot more power than a new crank and set of rods will get you. The hardcore NA drag race engines are usually stroked, because they don’t need to be too concerned with reliablity. They can rev to 9000 on 95 mm crank.

i appreciate the help, now what do you guys think would be the most reliable means to do a turbo or stroker or if i do they both would that be acceptable or would i be better off with one or the other?