cruise control fixed yesss....

hi just wondering if any of da G2 members have the same problem i did with their cruise control. Well bought my car for about 3 years now and my cruise control wasn’t working (B**CH). Well throught the years i’ve been trying to get it fixed and today just 20 minutes ago wal…laaaa… it’s good to go.
i purchased new cc module, the cc button, and the motor in the front. Spent over 100 bucks to get this going, but after all the installation of the stuff i purchase there was no difference and (SH*T) it didn’t work still. well did some more research and come to find out there is 2 stupid switch 1 on the clutch pedal and 1 one the brake pedal that was gone. Its a small plastic peice that looks simalar to a push in screw. Well i looked and the one on my brake pedal was still on but the 1 on my clutch pedal is gone. So i replaced it with a 10mm bolt that came off my front lip and used a nut just so i could tighten it up in place, and taa daaaaa… Took my car out for a test drive and set my cruise and freakin A… it work again. Yeap so for G2 members that wants CC again this would be most likely the answer.

Good job on the CC fix but for me… I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve ever used CC. I believe I’ve used it long loong loooooooong time ago when I used to get BJ’s by the gf while on a roadtrip but now since I got married… CC is nonexistent to me if you know what I mean… and if you don’t… get married… you’ll understand :rimshot:

hahaha so pretty much u got suckered into marriage huh

lol at the bj story^^^^^ yea my cruise control just stopped working after I went turbo, don’t know what happened. But when it did work it always jumped around and it sucked, so im glad it doesn’t work. That’s what the daily driver is for.

Any pics of what you are talking about behind the pedals??

so basically you were able to start your car without your clutch before is what you’re saying. glad it works.

My cruise control did the same thing, and the little plastic pad on the clutch pedal was the problem. 3.89 at the dealer for a new one. Done, works again. g2ic forums comes thru again for me. yep.

BTW, there are two of these on the clutch pedal, the up really really high and almost unaccessable is for the starter. Guess they dont want you tampering with it. The one for the cruise is much easier to access. Almost at the same level as the one on the brake pedal…

I have had one of those plastic pieces break and it caused my car to stay in second gear.

What problems were you guys having? My issue is the when I set the speed it would accelerate by itself or it wouldn’t hold the speed.