cruise control help

please help

I did an automatic to manual transmission swap. Now, I need to hook up the cruise control. I need to connect the clutch switch pink and black wire to the car computer. Which wire do I hook them up too. There are many wires under the steering wheel. I was told that there is already a connector for the clutch under the steering wheel just incase someone wants to do an auto to manual swap. I don’t see it. i need detail. pictures would be very helpful
Thanks for your help.

i received this responce from a member and i don’t know what CCU and A/T means. i need detail

Which wires?
There are 14 of them on the “Cruise Control Unit”
the only one I can see that is diff. is…
1- pink, ran from “CCU” to "A/T Gear Position Switch, it will have to be connected to a clutch switch, it is a ground input. 94


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