CRV or LS Vtec swap

I am looking for opinions on either an CRVtec or and LSVtec swap. Any problems, good experices, etc etc. any input is welcome.


go with cr-vtec…it wil cost a bit more, but has more potenial cause of the displacment…

How long have you had your CRV Vtec?

it will be install in a couple of days… i was planning to do a lsvtec, but i wanted the torque for daily driven. if you not fully building it because of money, than do a lsvtec so you can use honda stuff(rods, pistons…). i am fully building this so i needed aftermarket pistons (JE 12:1) and other stuff. I should be pumping atleast 200 at the wheels. Here are the list of the mods i have…

-B20B bottom end
-SIR head
-J.E. 12.1 pistons
-crower rods
-crower valvetrain, but with Ferrea valves
-knife edge crank and lighten flywheel
-custom chip
-act stage 2 clutch
-gsr tranny
-underdrive pulley
-fuel pressure reg.
-dc 4-2-1 header
-custom intake and exhaust
-aem cam gears

I also have all the necessity ( oil/fuel/water pump, gaskets, oil pan, etc…) The throttle body, intake manifold, and cams are B16 stock, but will upgrade later on…

Wow, that is quite a bit of stuff! I haven’t see the JE pistons I wasn’t aware that they made Vtec pistions for a B20, are they for 84 mm or 84.5mm. What year GSR trans are you using?

Should be interesting to see how it turns out but assuming everything is tuned right I don’t think you will have a problem hitting 200 hp@ the wheels

yeah… JE can custom any pistons to your specs… I’m using the 92-93 USDM GSR tranny…


I have a 91 LS witha B17A what would I need to get more power?? just go turbo? or would be cheaper to go all motor?? if I go all motor to get more wheel hp, what do I need? looks like my B17 is not enough power for me:(

it all depends on your budget. it can be costly both ways. when you mean all motor, do you mean fully building it or bolt ons? the same goes for turbo.


fully building it. I have I/H/E

fully built N/A or turbo? If your fully building it with turbo…go turbo, but stock with turbo…hmmm…

if you are running stock with turbo compared to a fully built N/A, go all motor… , but it also depends on your motor. does it have high clicks? i’m assuming it does cause of the year(b17 92-93 gsr). if your going fully built N/A, do a cr-vtec. similar setup like mine will dust a stock motor with turbo… i can’t wait:D

if i do a Cr-Vtec, can I use the head of the B17 instead of the b16??, but do I need the CRV block? or I can bore and sleeve the b17 block to 84mm which is the same as the b20. turbo is too much money.

you can use your head(save you some money). you wil need a crv bottom end. you can bore you exsiting block , but that will make it weak and might cost more because of labor and i would think you will need a stroker kit which cost alot more. if you are gonna pick up a bottom end, get the B20B instead of a B20Z. the difference is the B20Z has higher comperssion, but if your gonna fully build your motor you don’t need it and the B20B should cost less.

What ECU are you going to be using?

how much did the JE 12:1 pistons cost?