CRX Si seats into DA

I got a '91 RS and I wanna put CRX Si seats into it, has it been done before, and which rails do I use… thanks!!

I had a set I was going to put in but I sold them instead. The bottom of the SI CRX seats is kinda ‘wavy’ and hard to mount a ‘flat’ style bracket to. The OEM crx rails are a little too wide to fit the integra.
I’m sure I would have been possible to fabricate up a little metal bracket and weld them right to the bottom of the seat though.

Good luck with the project.

i have recently found the crx si 90-91 seats are awesome looking and feeling, i just picked up a pair in MINT condition for 100 bucks, I currently have all the seats taken apart, and im going to do a little costom work to get them in, but god it’s going to be worth it. i think some of you guys should really look into this. it’s an awesome seat! :clap:

The second gen CRX Si seats were designed for Honda by Recaro. They are great seats and everyone from old-school hot-rodders to mini-truckers use them in their projects…yet I still knew plenty of CRX guys who wanted to swap them out for something else :slight_smile: Anything from 88-91 shouuld work, the 88-89 used a slightly different fabric from the 90-91 but everything else is the same.


EDIT: one of the problems they had was foam breaking down in the outside driver’s side bolster. On the positive side, the seats are the same so you can find 2 passenger seats or at least swap the “bad” seat to the passenger side, that puts the failing bolster on the inside so it won’t get worse and the drivers side will have strong bolsters.

got crx seats in my 4 door there wicked (35pounds lighter then stock seats) way comfier look more racy but still sleek, id rock these seats over s2k seats anyday.

if you want some pics tell me

post some pics. i would like to see

+1 ^^

did u mount the auto shoulder belt when u installed them


I was thinkin’ of doin’ these, but never really looked into it. How’d you fit 'em?
I took out my seat & tryed my friends CRX seat, but the rails don’t match, so I didn’t really go any further than that.


Corniest quote ever: “Get yours today! JDM is IN!”

+3 i’d like to see some pics too


ill get some pics right now ok they prolly wont look as good as they do in real life as of my shitty cam but basicly i just took off my integra brackets off the seats put them on the crx seats then welded/bolted down spacers to make the brackets wider so like the integra seats they go over the bracket mounts know what i mean ? and hey im not too sure how to upload photos the right way :down: like so they are big on the screen please show me and ill give you the photos :rockon:

Just post 'em. I don’t know how to make’em big either, but if you load 'em we can see them.

I would like to know how to do it properly, but I’m not too lazy to click on a pic.


Corniest quote ever: “Get yours today! JDM is IN!”

here they are pics dont do these justice hafta c in front of you (pics make em look GREY when there black :S)

That looks really nice. :up: Good job.
Is there still room to fit a JDM DA armrest?
You got any pics of your home made brackets/mounts?

I’d think there’d be enough room. Looks like it.

+1 for bracket pics.

Do you sit any lower, or same 'cause of the way you mounted them?


Corniest quote ever: “Get yours today! JDM is IN!”

[QUOTE=TWIZIDY;1950874]That looks really nice. :up: Good job.
Is there still room to fit a JDM DA armrest?
You got any pics of your home made brackets/mounts?[/QUOTE]

thanx umm no but i can take off the seat and take some pics tonight of the brackets if you would like me to and ya im pretty sure the jdm armrest would fit better with these seats there sitting about the same spot as the stock ones and there i think a lil less wide not a lot tho

they sit about the same id say like if there was a difference it would b very minimal i would hafta sit in stock ones then these to tell the difference

im doing almost the same thing ut im useing 91 EF si seats they should fit no problem and pretty much the same seat. Also i have read and heard the crx seats rail are shorter and wont bolt up where as mine should be good havent tried yet but will when im close to getting them reupholstered

Yes . . . please and thank you. :smiley:

hey are these seats really designed by recaro becuz that would explain a lot lol these 2 seats are 35 pounds lighter then the stock 2 seats they feel like race seats (like tuck you in good but not uncomfy at all )

kk here are th pics of the seat bracckets and go forward one pic and you will c how black the seats actually look not like the bad pics