CSF Radiator Problem... :(

I bought a CSF Radiator from:

Well it’s a great radiator, however my reservoir keeps empting, about every week, then I have to fill it again. Now I have read a couple of posts on the board about this same type of problem. However I belive my is a little different, I think it might be leaking out of one of these tubes on the bottom of the radiator.

I think that my radiator was never properlly installed, the new radiator I got was dualcore, and it had two “extra” places to attach hoses, these were not on the stock radiator. Well the mechanic just used these plugs covers, so my question is should a hose go from one of the “extra” tubes into the other? The “extra” things I speak of are at the bottom of the radiator, there are about a 1/4" in diameter, and about 1 1/2" long, with a little kink in them. I noticed one of them has lost the cover and seems to have leaked fluid from it before. Also If my reservoir has fluid in it does that mean my radiator is full? Or COuld I be possibly driving around without fluid? My car is not overheating, it never goes past the halfway mark. (My average driving is about 5-15 mi a week, so I haven’t tested it over a long distance yet).

I don’t have any pictures or diagrams, and the one on the site is not the actual one. I am greatful for any help you guys could provide :slight_smile:

check for leaks. the 2 extra places could be because its for an automatic? ifyour car is stick, it makes no difference… best bet is to find out where its leaking first. it could be laking from the drain plug?

Those two connectors are for the automatic transmission cooler. You have a leak and I doubt its coming from there.

Thanks soooo much guys, so it doesn’t matter if the two tubes are left wide open? (I do drive a stick)

No those two tubes are for the cooler for the automatic transmission. It’s built inside the radiator. They just send the same radiator for manual or auto. I’d check your drainplug like someone else mentioned, they tend to leak, and slowly at that, you won’t even notice it most of the time.