cup holder

does a cup holder from an 88 and up toyota corolla works on a g2? has anyone tried that?

No, I haven’t tried that one, but I installed a cup holder/coin tray out of a 92-95 Ford Taurus underneath the radio, it works, pretty good. It’s alot of cutting and modifying to get to work, but done properly, it looks great.

I was thinking about trying a 1990 vintage Accord or Legend cupholder. It appears to be the same dimensions as the pocket under the radio.

is the cupholder(legend style or taurus style) the same size as the tray below the radio? i put my stock honda radio back in for cd changer controls and i hate the tray.

I don’t know for sure. A Honda unit would be more likely to fit right in there though…

well, are you talking about the area under the radio and ashtray or where the tray is under the radio? i guess i am confused.

yeah, we’re talking about the same thing I think - the area right under the radio. Back when these cars were new, you could buy a EQ that would mount there instead of the pocket.

ok thanks. yeah, when my car came new it had a double-din stereo with the eq. but, it won’t work with a honda cd changer and i really liked having the entire space filled.

yep, for whatever reason the factory radio isn’t changer compatable. I got a mid-90’s accord head unit and an alpine 6-disc.

That pocket under the radio (if you didn’t get the EQ) is worthless. A cupholder would have made much more sense.

I may be going to the local Honda yard today. If I come up with anything, I’ll post the findings here.

i’m getting a mid-90’s accord radio off of ebay. i wouldn’t mind the equalizer, but it uses the same plug as the cd changer. i may get one like this just to fill that space in.

this is my original radio:

The Taurus cup holder is generally the same size, it’s just too long in the back, that is were most of the modifications is needed, you need to shorten it about 2 inches by cutting away some excess plastic with dremel. To tell you the truth it was a pain in the a$$, but it comes witha coin tray too:naughty: .

Why was it a pain in the ass?? Do you mean the act of eating bits of abs after hitting the Dremel or the fitment of the unit itself? I picked up a few of these awhile back but never cut them up or installed them. Any specific feedback would be appreciated.


aka neex.

btw… for anyone curious… almost ANY DIN mount cup holder should fit in there with some creative thinking…

If you have access to a dremel, some files and a utility knife and buy some 2 part exopy glue to put around the edge where the cup holder assembly and the radio platic part meet, it shouldn’t be too bad. The better the tools you have to work with, the easier it will be. We did this at a friends house one Saturday, he had very few things to work with. Plus once I had it done and working for a week the coin try got stuck and won’t come out (They are spring loaded). I plan to re-do it with a BRAND new Taurus cup holder, not a used one out of a junk yard. the hindges/springs seem to go bad in these. Hope this helps you out. I think I have a pic of it, email me if you want it.