Custom Door Panels

I made custom door panels for my DB1. I cut out black frabric and had HONDA stitched on in red, I also ran a red stripe around the edges. I will put pics up later today. Let me know what you think. Thx

omg plz hurry :slight_smile: - DOFL-FAVA


I probably wouldn’t have gotten “HONDA” stitched on. But, that’s just me. I guess it could work if you had that same color Red accented through out the rest of your interior. Just my $0.02 :up:

perty koo compare to mine…
( mines are all fucked up lo0l)

I can dig it. Looks like you have red seats also, nice accent.


thanks. yea the seats are red too. im gonna take off the part of the dash that goes around the steering wheel and paint that a dark red to match. i also want to put red lights behind the guages just havnt figured that out yet

worst mistake of my integra was to paint my interior lol, don’t do it! keep it nice and stock looking! just my $0.02 lol

looks good how long did it take to do one side?

it only took acouple days (to get the materials) getting it on wasnt all that hard once i took the panel off and layed it flat.

:rockon: good job man!! lookn nice - DOFL-FAVA

putting honda on it isnt my cup of tea imo, however, it looks very nice

so my material was faded and dirty as hell. i wanted to do something other then replace the fabric, so i went this way.

it matches my custom under dash as well.(bad lighting, it’s a gray color)

what you guys think???

i will take pics of them in with the dash in the morning.

looks good man. i did mine that way as well. Just cleaned up and sprayed the vinyl. I did the rest of the door landau black tho cuz my new insert made the rest of my door look crappy lol