Custom Homemade Home Depot Lip??

I have searched and have seen the home depot lip made by the weather guard thingy, but i know i have seen others before and i was wondering if people would ones they’ve made or have seen?


my friend made the side skirts out of the rain gutters for his white cressida… looks coughsokcoughs i dunno why u wanna go all cheap azz on it and make it outta home depot stuff… especially when there are tons of lips out there for not too much.

look at this, turned out looking pretty good :expressionless:

im just curious to see what people have done i’ve seen very creative stuff. right now i have an OEM lip, i want something a bit bigger because i want to put EK or accord skirts on my car and i think its only fitting if i have a bigger lip any suggesitons?
i got a 92 teggie

then put an accord front lip, or type-r style, aftermarket, etc. plenty of cheap lips out there

yeah i was looking at the type-r and the accord lip.

im just trying to see how this one guy made this lip it was pretty cool. for some reason it was hb420? maybe im imagining things.

i like the look of the type-r one but id rather buy it used… highschoolers are low on money, but i’ve also seen some cheap accord lips probably swaying towards that

Here it is

I got a “home depot lip”…been on for about three months now and a lot of people seem to like it because they have never seen it. i like it too, but going to buy a type r lip in the near future.

Yours looks a bit different than the mazda ones ive seen is that still a gutter thing? whats the height? looks really good actually

hood/honda emblem looks a bit off maybe its just me?

im not gonna lie about that lip it looks pretty good. what did you use?
and how much it cost?

^ that does look good compared to most cheap homedepot lips i’ve seen

I wanna know too it looks pretty good.

It looks like garage door sealer they sell at homedepot.

yep.that’s the product i bought. maybe $15, i forgot, but it was cheap enough. i just cut it and glued it to a 91 oem lip and put it on the bumper. Thanks for liking it…don’t forget to thank me when you make one for

sweet im bout to go do that to my 92 lip lol hope it comes out sexy
and dont worry i will thank you.

cool man. show me a pic when your done. if possible.

I used garage door sealer with 3m double sided tape. I just taped it to my 93-93 lip. its not horrible but could have been done better hah :rockon:

sorry for blurry pics ha

i really like it its a nice 20 dollar look, im looking into doing that once summer hits im gonna repaint my trim and fix some other things and then maybe do that?

looks nice and flush