Custom Rear Bumper Lights Wiring

Hey guys i put rear bumper lights from an accord my my integra and i wanna know how i can wire these up to turn on with my head lights, i really would like not to have to wire it up the front of the car thats alot of work and im lazy. i tried the inside brake light but when i hit the brakes the side marker turns off :rofl: any ideas guys?
Thanks in advance,

Just tap into your corner light in the rear taillight it’s a 194 bulb, get a pack of wire taps!

i tested the corner lights on the rear end and it turns off when i hit the brake but you just gave me an idea what about the license plate lights they are a single filament! :up: looks light i got a job for wednesday :up: ill post pictures when its done!

I will admit, not a bad mod. Looks like a clean install. Definitely could be passed as oem. I like. Looking forward to pictures when done.

This actually has a few minor imperfections, but this was the test bumper. I have 2, I rushed this and didnt take my time the result being that there is a visible part where you can see the cuts i made with the dremel. Not large but large enough to bother me! :rofl: Thanks man!

The small ones go out when you hit the brakes? I tested out my and mine do not go out with the brake is on. But I am sure the plate light should work. I hope to see the final product soon

Brent i dont have any 194 blubs in my tail lights :stare:

Hey guys i finally got it done, removed my bumper and I spliced into the wiring for the tag lights now they come on with the parking lights :up: never seen another teg with em so im happy :smiley:

some more detailed pictures would be nice… they look like they shine pretty bright. i was hoping they would be more of a glow.

ill take some in a minute and post and man its all oem stuff off an accord i could probably put a film over the bulb to make it more “glowy” haha they arent that bright in person, look at my brake lights those are parking lights my brake lights arent that bright haha