cv joints, axles?

allright… im really broke rite now and tryin to apply for a credit card so i can fix my car… but till then im stuck with bad cv joints and possible a bad axle. question is -can these 2 things go so bad that it wouldnt alow me to drive? because rite now wen im driving it steering wheel jolts to the right wen im accelerating and its kinda scary… wen i put it in neutral and roll it goes away… i think thats the axle… and it clicks wen i take left turns so that is my right cv joint. how safe is it to drive under these conditions untill next paycheck? thanks in advance.

if its pulling that much… i wouldnt be suprized if its almost completely dead… if it totaly goes im sure the motor wouldoverpower the steering and the car would just fly to the right (never had it happen)

but considering torque steer is hell with good axles on certain cars

the one thats clicking… if its not pulling to that side you can still drive on it… best sugestion i would give to you… drive it easy in turns and it would make it stay together longer

if it’s ur right cv joint check the boot and see if it’s torn. if it hasn’t been clicking too long you can just replace the boot. if it has been doing it for a while i would just replace the whole axle. reman axles aren’t very expensive (paid $60 for the axle but a core charge of like $70 or something like that) it also isn’t too too hard to do. just make sure you have everything you need the first time u try it because when i changed my axle i had to attempt it twice cuz i didn’t have all the right tools. HTH


oreillys has brand new axles for $80/each… ive heard there quality is pretty good… also you want to get a new spindle nut

btw… chad… if the axle is pulling… greese wont help it… its screwed

oh yea… kinda missed the fact that it “jolts to the right” :giggle: sry :slight_smile:


sorry to hy-jack the thread but have some questions about your headlights.
you did the HID conversion in one-piece headlights??? do the lights now fit?