CXRacing Radiator

So Monday night, my stock radiator had a crack on the top plastic part. Leaking very slowly and giving off the sweet smell of coolant at every stop. Emailed Just-Intercoolers on ebay on Tuesday if I can just pick up a radiator from them since they’re located in Hacienda Heights - 5 miles from where I live. They didn’t respond til after their business hours and said No cause it’s part of the “deal”. Ordered it and it finally came today, Thursday. Took it out of the box and what?! It’s crooked?

Emailed them about it. I have a feeling they’re gonna answer it late, like at 6pm when they just closed. Then there goes the weekend. I also mentioned that I will exchange it at their location because it’s not worth it for me to pay to ship it back to them when they’re close! We’ll see what they’ll say.

Question is: you guys ever seen a crooked radiator like this? It totally surprised me when I saw it.

most products sold on ebay are flawed parts that didnt make the cut and just straight POS, sorry you got the shaft how much did you pay?? they sound like a shitty company, im either gonna go with a Spoolin halfcore or a mishimoto hope you get this resolved

I’ve seen radiators like that on drag cars…after an accident:rimshot: Yikes. That looks all kinds of cheap man. Thanks for putting the word out:up:

I thought I created a thread about CXRacing’s radiators but I can’t seem to find it. I must have forgotten to do so. I bought one for my wife’s teg and although it looked fine, the top posts that are used to “hold down” the radiator were not aligned properly. They were welded in different positions so I could not mount the tie down braces. I emailed them about it but got nowhere. It still works fine though. But yeah, I wouldn’t go through them. Sorry you got messed up there.

It’s weird how the price changes so drastically. I mean I have a Fluidyne and it goes for something like $400 new. The CXRacing is what… $150? Geez.

Thats wierd, I’ve always had great customer service with cxracing and they were always very helpful. The last purchase I had they called me I think 3 times within a few hours to make sure my order left correctly. Do you have their number? Call them. I don’t think I ever emailed them.

If they don’t help you out you could always try putting one end on the ground and and pushing it back to normal. It could crack but doesn’t llok like you can use as is anyways with out moddimg yur brackets

Well, I called them and the CSR said I can come to their warehouse and exchange it. The owner looked at it and said I should’ve opened the box when the fedex guy was there and claim that it was damaged during shipment. But the thing was, it wasn’t damaged during shipment. The box was fine. Anyways, I got a replacement and it’s finally straight. I also requested for the metal petcock. It’s weird, it doesn’t fit snug like the plastic one. Maybe the teflon tape would help. Time to install it tomorrow morning.

I picked up a Visteon (C&R) radiator, check those out too, same quality as a Fluidyne.

I have had my CX racing radiator for 2 summers and a winter. The only thing that ever went wrong with it was the cheap plastic drain plug would not seal. I bought a metal one and it worked perfectly. Just dont tighten it down hard, just snug. Too tight will damage the rubber seal. Also the reason it might be loose is because you are supposed to put thread locker on it to seal it good.
I personally thing the quality is great its too bad you got a bad one the first time.

same thing with me…i ordered one a couple years ago showed up the next day fit perfect, looked fine, but the drain plug failed after i drove it the second time. Otherwise its held up fine, fits and works fine.

Sorry to hear of your fitment issues!

Not sure what else to say about that! Looks like poor QC IMO.

I have a CX Racing Radiator in my car and I have never had an issue…strange. Customer service is on point as well.

I think they are as close as you can get to a fluidyne without spending over $200.
They have bigger capacity than the Mishimoto, and not as high of pressure either.

Had my CXracing aluminum radiator for 4 months now. No problem whatsoever! Install was very straight forward and everything lined up perfectly. Mine came with the slim fans it and dropped in with no problems as well…

Got it in, had to replace a heater hose while at it. Tight squeeze with the AC lines in the way.

Only problem is the pegs for the radiator stays are off. It’s on the wrong edge. But the radiator is held secure by the ac line bracket that goes over the radiator to the support. Assuming since it runs cooler than stock, cuz the temp gauge is showing the needle cooler than usual, my idle is at 900 rpm. I think the ecu is still trying to warm the car up. Any of you guys experiencing this?

And it seems that my stock radiator fins are copper. Can anyone confirm this?

I had the same fitment issue with you as well. The answer is to let the top of the radiator lean back a bit. The top of the radiator is not supposed to touch the top of the radiator support at all.

Here is what I did.
I installed it with the top hose disconnected with the stays holding it. My new hose I installed later I ended up having to trim an inch or so off the end if it because there was too much. You are going to have to do something with those brackets for the A/C. I removed mine because I dont have A/C, but I am sure you can find another way to hold those lines in place.

I see what you did there paul but here’s a couple problems/thoughts: You can’t see it in the picture I posted but there’s a 2 cm gap between the condenser fan and the ac line. There’s no way I can lean the radiator back an inch. Another thing is the stock radiator is flush against the support, sealing that area so air coming thru the grill is going thru the radiator. If you lean the radiator back, some air escape and go up and over the top of the radiator - thus, less air going thru the radiator. Mine is firmly secured via the ac line bracket. Woot woot!

I do remember that my OEM radiator did not sit flush against the support. There was about 1cm of a gap. It looks like an Inch in the photo, but it really is only about a pinky finger width of a gap. If I still had the rubber air dam thing, it would sit right and not be all squished up. These radiators are built as racing radiators so they didnt think about A/C when designing these.

About that A/C fitting. I do know what you are talking about. I noticed the same thing with mine as well, even though I disconnected all my lines and removed my bad compressor till later. You might need to modify something. Mabie carefully bend a line just enough, to get some room. Dont break these lines they are high pressure.