D16ZC SOHC problem

Hi guys,

I’m not sure this have been covered already - SOHC are quite rare in DA’s :wink:

I have 1.6 SOHC ZC engine in my DA5 and engine just died few days ago.

Can someone please tell me if any D16 SOHC engine can be swapped in place of ZC as plug and play mod ?! I’m not swapping B or K series because of the budget - I have another project running already. I just want to have it back on the road as daily. What wiring mods would i have to do ?!



which ecu came with your car? which head is on yours?

Is a rebuild not an option? Seems most cost effective to me…

this is what i found on wiki :


Found in (JDM)
1984–1987 Honda Ballade CRX AS
1984–1987 Honda Civic AT
1985–1987 Honda Integra AV/DA1 (Lower trim packages equipped with Single Carburetor)
1986–1991 Honda CRX EF7
1992–1995 Honda Civic EH1
Displacement : 1,590 cc
Bore and Stroke : 75 mm X 90 mm
1984–1987 Compression : 9.3:1 1988–1989 Compression : 9.5: 1
Single Carburetor : 100 PS (73.5 kW) at 6,800 rpm; Torque : 92 lb·ft (12.8 kg/m, 126 Nm) at 5,500 rpm
1984–1987 Power : 115 PS (85 kW) at 6,250 rpm; Torque : 99 lb·ft (13.7 kg/m, 134 Nm) at 5,500 rpm
1988–1989 Power : 120 PS (88 kW) at 6,500 rpm; Torque : 103 lb·ft (14.0 kg/m, 137 Nm) at 5,500 rpm
1988–1991 Power : 130 PS (96 kW) at 6,800 rpm; Torque : 106 lb·ft (14.7 kg/m, 144 Nm) at 5,700 rpm
Valvetrain : DOHC
Piston Code 1986-'87 : PG6
Piston Code 1988-'89 : PM7
Fuel Control : OBD-0 MPFI

rebuild ?! i’m not a mechanic and my skills are hmmm… i’m learning every day and would like to have car on road asap - not sure what exactly is wrong but sound serious, no power what so ever and clunking noise…
i can buy engine for £100 - with oil change and new clutch cv joints etc i should get close to £250 - for £300 i can buy 1996 civic coupe which is taxed and tested for few more months so not sure what is point of fixing DA :frowning: might just take it from road and wait till money is there to put k series :confused:

Pic of curent engine?

you can find here :slight_smile: the red beast